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Total 5 types of Cotton

Half of the world cotton comes from US and China

Charm of Pure Cotton

Insanely soft
Fluffy Staple
Grows in boll / Protective Case

Why it's called Organic ?

No part of the cotton plant is wasted. Entire crop is usefull at somewhere in industry.



Organic cotton does not use harsh chemicals in the manufacturing process and therefore less likely to cause a reaction in people with chemical sensitivities.

Stay always Dry ! Good idea.

Cotton fabric is breathable and transmits moisture from the body. Therefor people with very sensitive skin can wear Cotton Shirt on daily basis.

Staple plays role of Softness.

Length of staple counted for Quality and softness of the fabric. Longest are Engyptian Giza and Supima Cotton.



Raw coton processed by spinning mill.
Spinning Machine Spin and twist the yarn to obtain the desired thickness into Bobbin.

Warp Bream

A large and number of yarn ends pulled from bobbins are wound onto a large spoon (beam).


Warp beam and weft bobbin are the two primary components used in weaving to turn thread or yarn into fabric.

According to Indian Gov.

India alone produce fabric per day to surround the earth 3 times.
Earth Circumference : 39,258 km


Micro & Streight stitches are sign of a Good quality Shirt.

German Interlining

Collar and Cuff.
Feeling of comfortness at neck and wris.
Low grade interlinings often ripped off after certain wash cycle.
Thus German manufactured materials used in Mr.Hexa Shirts for years of Lastness and seisfied user Experience.