U Love it, thus care it right !

Mr.Hexa Shirt is made by Really high quality Cotton fabric, But cotton needs to be treaded with care. Make it Long lasting, Take a look below -

Take it Easy - Devil ahead

Cotton shrinks qickly in hot water. Use Cold or Mild water with Gentle Spin of machine or Hand wash your Shirt.

Less is Batter

Appropriate amount of detergent is good, Over use of Citric Acid, dozens of chemicals hurts the cotton & colors.

Rub it like toothbrush

Many cotton fabrics are weaved delicately. Sunny Deol's Hand will crush the threads.

Good, but for limited time.

Drying Shirt in open is much batter than tumble dry. But our godfather Sun can blow the colors by its heat.

Fire in house !

Double check the Arrow points toward cotton option in Iron. Shirt Burn can hurt your feelings. Hang it in closet or Always put in Stack.

Got Stain? ▼

Don't Worry.. Shirt Happens !

Go to a Good dry Cleaning service

Only they can deal with sticky stain.